I must be hooked...

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I just spilt a few drops of after shave in my coffee while trying to rid the room of a... cat smell. It's really gross, but if I stop drinking it, I'll want another one... and that will require getting up and leaving my iMac and the forum for at least 5 minutes... and I just can't do that.

Looks like AF2 has finally got me as hooked as I was on AF1. ;D

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yes. . .

yes. . .


i was ill when god handed out brains

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I can identify w/ that...

I happen to be a coffee addict (and have tried to run myself through my own home Coffee rehab. /i.e. Drinking less.\ but failed nonetheless) however good the coffee, I have a hard time leaving the comfort of my internet home: AF Forums. I even postpone bathroom breaks (and I need a lot of 'em because I drink so much coffee) 'till I am absolutely sure I am done. Plus, I visit the site about 12 times a day (or whenever I get free time). So, Yeah, I can identify with that.

Plus i like to visit the online RPG http://www.runescape.com I take about 1 to 2 hrs. every day or other day.
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