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I'm confused. I was mounting a disk image for the latest version of limewire and little window poped up saying that I had to reboot my computer by holding down the apple power button. After I rebooted, I am not able to delete or add anything to my applications folder. It says "applications cannot be modified. I am logged in as myself with administrator privelages. Ownership and permissions for the directory show me as the owner, and access as read & write. I had ability to change the owner, but the "access" menu was greyed out. It still indicated being read & write. I changed ownership to daemon and then back to me and "access" was no longer greyed out and I was then able to modify files in the folder. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Should I be concerned about it or was it just a bug that I should report happened when the computer locked up? Anyway, other things are greyed out in other menus. "allow user to administrate this computer" is greyed in preferences/accounts but I'd imagine that just because I am the only user account. If I do a "get info" on any file, the word "locked" under general is always greyed.

Aside all that, the only thing suspicious to me was the fact that applications became read only and I probably would have reinstalled OS if I hadn't changed my ownership to something else and back.

Any Ideas?
Powerbook G4 17 1ghz / 10.2.8

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repair permissions...

follow these steps to use the permissions repair function in OS X's Disk Utility program:

Open Disk Utility, which by default is located in your Utilities folder, which in turn is inside your Applications folder.

In the column on the left, click your startup disk's icon.

Click the First Aid tab, and then click Repair Disk Permissions. Disk Utility will reset any files and folders with incorrect settings.


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Thanks for the help, take it easy Mac OS