SE/30 and Spectrum 8/24 PDQ IIsi

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Just thought I'd post here that the SuperMac Spectrum 8/24 PDQIIsi is not compatible with the Mac SE/30. I've modified my card so that it will fit in the SE/30 physically (put the monitor cord on the end of a ~12" ribbon cable), and it works, to an extent. However, there's problems:

1) Unless there's enough total "white" displayed on the screen, the right side of anything white has a huge red artifact. These artifacts are variable in size, and actually decrease in size as the amount of white on the screen decreases.

2) The SE/30 won't boot in 32-bit addressing mode when the card is installed. Acceleration is not available in 24 bit mode.

I suspect these two problems are one-in-the-same and would be solved by the addition to this SE/30 of a IIsi,fx, or ci ROM SIMM. I know it's a software problem, and not a cabling problem, because from a cold boot, the "happy mac" screen does not show artifacts, but from a warm boot, it does. Cable crosstalk cares not a whit whether you're booting warm or cold, but the software apparently does.

Does anybody have a IIsi or IIfx (or IIci) ROM SIMM that I could borrow to test out this theory? I don't want to go through the huge effort necessary to actually get (or make) one if it doesn't actually fix the problem. If there's a trust issue, I'm OK with negotiating a "deposit" system to ensure the return of the ROM SIMM.

(Getting this card to work with an external monitor port is the first step in trying to get accelerated, 640x480x8bit on the internal monitor)

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Borrow? uh, no, but make me a reasonable offer... and its yours