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I'm writing a book about building an Apple I replica, going to press in

I'd like to include a fairly large section on software. Does anybody
have any programs for the Apple I which they'd be willing to see
included? These could be old, historic programs or new programs you
wrote yourself.

Anybody who contributes will get a copy of the book, of course.



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Hi, I've got my Replica I


I've got my Replica I this week, so I cannot guarantee when the software will be ready:

My plans:
(short term)
* Sweet 16 for Apple I (easy) -->
* either X-FORTH or Blazin FORTH (Forth 83 compat.) with ANSI Forth extensions

Long Term:
* Bibo Assembler with Sweet 16 Opcode Support
* Port of our USB Hardware and drivers to the Apple I --> see
* Lisp (from 6502 ORIC Sources)

Best regards



Carsten Strotmann
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