Beige G4 500 DVD system requirements.

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Beige G4 500 with an apple DVD drive, stock onboard video maxed out to 6MB, and an ATI ??? (1997) 8MB built in RAM and a slot to upgrade the memory on the PCi card. Card states 4 or 8MB chips OK... Tried the card for the first time that night, don't know what it is....ATI with old apple pin Monitor connector... and SVHS, and RCA out I think?

I traveled 2 hours to upgrade this Beige, and installed X.2.8 without the DVD drive installed, so no DVD software installed - oops. Had to leave. Will reinstall X.2.8 later to include DVD software. But, is there a way to extract the software from the Disc? I have heard about hacks...

Also, with the G4 500 ZIF, 640MB RAM, will this Beige box run DVD movies with the 8MB Ati card? I have heard that a Rage 128 is the minimum, with a few exceptions using VLC.

Please advise.

Also, the DVD drive shows the TD files and I need to allow him to import those files into iMovie...

Too many questions branching over too many subjects, sorry.

Beat me with a large stick.

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you do need rage 128 or bette

you do need rage 128 or better for apple dvd player but I think vlc is better anyway. vlc is the most elegant video player ever.


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Your stock Rage Pro will have

Your stock Rage Pro will have a hard time playing DVD's IMHO. I would just grab a PCI Rage128 off ebay for cheap and throw it in. It will do a far better job of it.


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Beige G4 continued...

I have looked for a Rage 128 on Ebay for a while now... And I am disturbed by the plethora of "Radeon 7000" cards available. These cards are not original Mac cards, they are flashed PC cards... My concern is: If someone bought these cards, and looked to ATI for help, they would be SOL. Kinda a shady deal IMHO. I want to warn people, but... then again, how far would that go?

I've decided to give my Radeon Mac Edition card to the project... and I bought a PCI 9200 to replace it for my own system.

I still would like to know how to hack the install disc's to install the DVD package alone...