14" G4 iBk LCD replacement vs Upper half replacement

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My 14.1 G4 (1ghz) ibook took a spill and the LCD shattered. The backlight seems fine, and through VGA all else appears in well running order. So, I'm left with 95% a fractle-like screen, with the other 5% teasing me with a normal desktop (although a little hazy and a few lines through). Other than that, the upper lid took a bit of a tweeking in the fall as well. Apple wants at least $1200 to repair, which is not only of course the cost of a new computer, but also how much I still owe on this one. (mumbling curses)

I've seen other helpful posts about finding replacement LCD screens, but I'm also curious if you can go the route of replacing the entire upper lid? I've thought of purchasing a harddrive/processor damaged G4 ibook on ebay and trying to swap the whole lid... any thoughts or warnings or advice or alternate routes? I'm an otherwise very broke college kid who loves macs so much i invested, and im hoping to finda way to get this thing back in shape, rather than having a $2k mess reliant on it's VGA cable.

Lastly, anyone know of any good tall-tales that get apple feeling sorry enough for you to let applecare take care of this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance for your time-

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open bezel, get LCD part number . . .

buy replacement LCD, install, use 'Book

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lcd screens

What's with these screens? I have had the old black powerbook for 5 years and never had a problem - dropped it a tonne, kids jump on it etc. Just bought the new iBook G4 for various reasons - and within 2 weeks the LCD has totally cracked. I think we should riot.