Airlink wireless router for iMac g3?

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I bought a wireless router and usb dongles to try and share my cable internet with my kids on their 333mhz iMacs. The primary machine is my 600mhz iMac. A wired network is not really practical for us, but as it is I have a hard time getting on my machine as they always want to use it for internet. Is the equipment that I bought (airlink 802.11g router,and the airlink wireless usb adapters) usable for this purpose? If so any ideas on drivers for these machines? The 600 has X.2.8, the others have some variation of os9. I can't afford to buy the airport stuff. If these are not usable I may be able to return them, but what other options would I have?
Thank you for your help. I have been searching for answers on google and apple etc. without luck.

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airlink for imac

I have the same problem. How do I read about the solution?