itunes sound issue : the sound goes out skipt, like under a tunnel with a cell phone

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please, help me , here is my problem:
when i play whatever kind of music(mp3, cd) the sound that go out is skipped, it looks like you are listenning to someone who is under a tunnel with is cell phone. It's crazy. It looks like there is an hardware conflict, but the sound comes out good on the stupid windows media player. i hope you know the trick thing. here is my config:
Pc ( I know, that's pretty lame )
Sony Vaio VGN - S2XP
Windows XP Pro
I Dont know exactly the audio hardware, anyway, SonicStage Mastering Studio (Audio Filter) control the output.
Thanx you for reading and for the answer

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Joined: Dec 15 2004
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okay, i found it, sorry about

okay, i found it, sorry about this. I just made a restauration of the system ( yeah, itunes is that important to me) to finally realize that it was a third part audio program installed with the vaio that conflicted with itunes. ( who could mess with itunes?) so thanx you anyway

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Itunes on Sony Vaio

I'm having a very similar problem with my vaio. What is the third party software that is conflicting with iTunes?

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problems with iTunes on Sony Vaio VGC-M1


similar problems on my Sony: iTunes plays corrupted,
while both Creative Mediasource and the Windows XP
and Sony mediaplayers work fine.

So what is damaging iTunes audio output? Sad


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CPU load?

I know on my beige G3/G4 450 MHz that iTunes playback will occasionally cr*p out with similar symptoms if I am using a lot of other programs, especially CPU hogs like Poisoned. It may be a CPU load issue. What are the speeds of the machines you guys are using, and do you have a lot of other programs open? It may be worth downloading a CPU load monitor, and/or closing all other programs, at least for a tryout.


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It could be a duplexing issue

Some audio hardware (although, it is getting increasingly rare) do not handle duplexing properly, if at all. Duplexing is the ability to handle multiple audio sources simultaneously, either in hardware or software. It may be that the audio program in question is a TSR, or Terminate-and-Stay-Resident program (is there a new name for these programs, or is the DOS-era term still appropriate?). Basically, quitting the application doesn't exactly quit the application. Winamp has been noted to do this if the Winamp Agent is installed and running in the system tray. Make sure that the program has really quit by going into the task manager in Windows 2000/XP by hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL (and possibly hitting the button task manager if confronted with a Windows Security dialogue box) and going to the processes tab.

As well, to rule out the possibility of your CPU running under too much of a load to render the songs properly, in task manager, click on the Performance tab and look at CPU usage graph. If it's up around 85% or better, that may be your problem.

Another consideration, are the songs you're interested in coming across a network? If your network is under a heavy load your songs won't come through properly.

Hope this helps,


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