Mac topas questions

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Someone know were gone this (great) app ? I think is, at this time, an abandonware but it's simply disappeared from this worlds. I have a old quadra 700 and this sw is first 3d app I've ever used, but now is very hard to find.

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We are using mac topas 1.0 on

We are using mac topas 1.0 on a quadra 840; it is not possible to use the sw on a power pc.
I can't find the upgrade that should be used over a power pc.
We still have the box, the books, the floppies but the quadra needs more ram.
Just yesterday we started to use it again as a friend to other apps more recents.
Under the name crystal topas you could see that the web site of the creators is still alive; but the sw it is just disappeared.
The post was just 2 yers old but we are still happy with this app...