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Anyone know where to download apple video player that will work with 9.2.2? I Have a Beige G3 and was wanting to use the video in feature for a tv but dont know how Undecided

any help would be great!

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Apple Video Player automatically installs on Macs with AV capabilities. Look in Applications or Extras. Do you have an AV card in your Beige G3? Also, the set up works best if you have a VCR.


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Video player is not on the sy

Video player is not on the system. Yes I do have the AV card and hooked up my VCR to have TV and I cant find anything to display the input video to the computer

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Check the system CD

...if you can't find it on the OS 9 CD, then you can find it HERE at Versiontracker.


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Apple Video Player v1.7.2 run

Apple Video Player v1.7.2 runs fine on 9.2.2. You can get it at Version Tracker, I think. The crucial thing is that AVP looks for a monitor on the onboard video port on execution, so you MUST have a monitor connected to the onboard video port in order for the capture window to show up in AVP. I use a plain VGA monitor on my beige DT, so I also use a Mac-to-VGA adapter to hook up to the onboard video port.

I haven't used AVP all that much, but my experience shows that using the small capture window and UN-compressed video format yields the best results (along with the biggest files!). I haven't figured out yet how to get the sound right, though the video plays back just fine. I'm using QT 6.0 Pro and a Wings AV card in my beige G3 DT, along with a Radeon 7000 PCI vidcard for "regular" video activity. Good luck!