HELP!!! OSX upgrade, Scanner no longer visible from Photoshop/TOAST not working/Canon Viewer Utility not working

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Hi, I need serious help!!! A client upgraded to OSX recently, and now half his software & hardware isn't working.

Photoshop 6 & 7 have grayed out the "Import Twain" option to scan. Scanner was working fine before. Can scan using proprietary OSX program, but it's confusing & user needs to do it from PS. Tried to
set the scanner in the PS preferences, but it
doesn't see it at all!!

Also TOAST Titanium has ceased to work; I downloaded
the OSX driver from their website, but do you know they
require a relogin w/SERIAL number in order to run it??
Client's computer is old and from a company, he has no
serial #. Anyway around this??

Also the Canon Viewer Utility not working. I downloaded the OSX version, still no workie!

-I'm also posting in the hardware section about an external cd burner not working.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Toast needs to be the OSX ver

Toast needs to be the OSX version, the OS9 version will not work through classic.

For the scanner, what scanner is it? If its UMAX, you will need to scan from PS6 (I have to do this).

If the scanner is an epson or something, just download the drivers for that scanner for OSX from their website.

Canon printer? Or camera?


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I got the new Toast, new scanner driver, new camera driver, etc, everything works perfectly. Thanks!