Ho hum... logitech mouse + windows 95

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So... anyone know why a logitech optical mouse's scroll wheel remains dormant in Windows 95 and the logitech mouseware software doesn't even see the scroller? The button under the scroll wheelis recognised and works...

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Joined: Dec 26 2003
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It's brand new and works fine on OS X. So it's software, not hardware.

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I blame weiner-soft

I dunno, Maybe MS added this annoyance as a feature ;D


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I've found that Windows 95, w

I've found that Windows 95, while fast, is not fully 32-bit, and cannot understand code from some 3rd party software. Devices like scroll mice, acellerated video cards, wireless network cards, etc, have random functionality problems all the time in 95. I bet you if you popped in a Microsoft PS/2 scroll mouse, it would work just find without needing too many drivers (perhaps an update from Windowsupdate.com).

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Upgrade to windows 98se. W

Upgrade to windows 98se.

Windows 95 is awful espcially for newer stuff that we take for granted (like scroll wheels and such).

Windows 98se has native support for scroll wheels and so forth. windows 95 does not nativaly support it and i doubt that logitech actually cares or supports windows 95 this day in age with their software. It might install but don't expect it to work 100 properly.

Just upgrade to windows 98se and call it good.


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