Sharing broadband connection over LocalTalk - Possible?

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I have (several) old macs that only have LocalTalk as a possible networking protocol. I have set one of my macs, (the G3 Server) up as a LocalTalk bridge for file sharing. This works perfectly. Now, i want to share my internet connection in much the same way. The connection is ADSL, connected via a router and a hub, so any machine with an ethernet card can automatically get an IP and go online. I took a look at IPNetRouter, and apparently that has the possibility of sharing an internet connection over MacIP (i do understand that DHCP will not work, but i can live with that), but i cant figure out how to set IPNR up! Would someone mind writing me an idiot's guide to setting this up? Post in this thread if you want to hear more specifics about the machines or the internet connection...

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IPNR not needed

There's an article on Low End Mac here.

Also check out


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Apple IPGateWay will also do

Apple IPGateWay will also do the trick. It sets up a GateWay so Macs can use AppleTalk IP to gain access to the TCP/IP network.

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According to that LEM article

According to that LEM article, it can be done without IP Gateway, just a Mac w/ OT 1.1.2, LocalTalk and EtherNet connections. It's alot easier to update the System Software than track down versions of old routing software to buy. Smile


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