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Reading through the instructions on the VGA mod I started to get a sinking feeling - namely, that my "stock" colour classic - 030 - seems to have 640x480 geometry which I think points to the high res mod, not the VGA mod - can the high res mod be reversed? Do you need the VGA mod to to the iMac in CC project?

Sometimes I hate buying used stuff . . .

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Re: Next question is exactly why I love used stuff...odd isn't it.

You'll have to look at the analog board and compare it to the instructions on the different web pages to determine whether the hi-res or VGA mod was done. I don't know that looking at the vertical sync on the Monitors Control Panel would tell you anything. If it does differentiate, then the VGA mod should read 60Hz while the hi-res would read 67Hz.

According to, paragraph 1.2.2, you can convert the hi-res mod to the VGA mod.

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Also, you do need to do the V

Also, you do need to do the VGA or Hi-Res mod to make the iMac to CC project work.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ why not???

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ why not???? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^