help identifying space invaders type game

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I am having a hard time finding this game I remember playing on the Apple II, probably 1981/82. It was a galaga type game, where you were a ship on the bottom of the screen, which fired at groups of aliens, after the level was completed, it had a sort of hyperspace effect, where the stars in the background streamed down the screen. From what I remember, it was made exclusively for apple computers.

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P Galaxian? It think it came

P Galaxian? It think it came on one of the IIc+ Disk that were shipped with the system.


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Space Quarks?

It wasn't Space Quarks was it? That came on one of the disks that was packed in with the Apple IIc (With the IIe we got some stupid learning program that you had to play through to get to the 'game' with the bunny/gnome in a maze).