PC user looking to conect to apple roots.

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Hello, I'm a PC user, but my true beginings were on apple //e's and later on power macs. At the moent I kinda would like something to tinker with and I thougth it might be nice to reconnect to my apple roots. I'd like to get something relaively inexpensive. I don't want pour too much money in this because i haven't seen a mac os in close to 7 or so years. I'd preferable like to get laptop, but i would also be open to a small desktop. Basically I'm just looking for somthing to toy around with, and maybe do a hack of my own! I really do admire you guys for some of the neat hacks you have done. So, basically up to suggesstion if it is allowed. Thanks, William

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If you don't get any offers here....

I always watch Ebay for auctions close to my home and email the seller to see if I can pick it up without paying a shipping/handling fee. I've found several good deals that way because older computers tend to be worth less than the shipping costs and they don't get very low bids or no bid at all.

Also check your local thrift stores for old Macs. I've found some nice stuff at thrift stores before and it's usually pretty cheap.



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I see what your saying.. I"m

I see what your saying.. I'm not looking for //e's or anything of that vintage.. I was just looking for something modern that apple has produced. Through looking through the forums today I gather to conclusion a pismo might be what I want as they are pretty inexpensive sub 400 dollar range and can do most modern stuff, itunes, wifi, I imagine there might be some simple games for them some where too? On the other hand a imac or other compact mac would be nice too. Basically I'm lookcing form something relatively inexpensive. THat has the systems cds with it so i can restore it.