Can some ir literate person help me

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to hack into other external dvices using the palm IR function?

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Hack? I know that I can us


I know that I can use my palm ir to control my tv and stuff like that masqrading as a universal remote and i can use it as a poor mans sync cable to my laptop.

ANd i think there are freeware programs that let it print to IR printers.

Is that what you mean?


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I tried to make a reply to th

I tried to make a reply to this post yesterday, but the original got deleted (by a mod?) so I guess this is a repost and might disappear shortly. I did make a nice distinction between using the IR to control a device, and how 'hack' is a bad choice when one wants to either make a prank, or do something possibly criminal. Maybe this guy didn't take the hint after the first deletion?


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It's also a bit confusing, be

It's also a bit confusing, because 'hack' is a term used in the Palm world for small programs that run at the system level, sort of like extensions or TSRs.

If you want IR apps to control other devices, look here:

If that doesn't satisfy, do what I did to find that link...use Google.


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