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Is there a way to get sound in on an SE? I know about MIDI in, and I have an Apple Midi controller; but, I want to mix it too, and there's the rub (as the Bard would say).

So, what are the options?

SCSI looks best, if such a thing exists- can I daisy chain it into the external hard disk I have?

Serial ports are all taken up, but I don't think unplugging/switching is an issue.

ADB is out of the question.

Hmm. . .

Any thoughts?


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I think what you are looking for is called a MacRecorder. It's serial, and very low quality - 8 bit at 11KHz from memory. There's no way of getting CD quality or better audio into an SE - or indeed out of it again.

On the other hand, you could try rustling up one of these:

Yamaha CBX

It's an external recorder with its own hard drive. The Mac is used for control, over SCSI, serial or MIDI. Even has two FX units inside.


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