Quicktake 150 Not Mounting

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Hi all. I just finished installing the 4 quicktake disks that came with my camera that I bought from eBay. I open the quicktake access control panel, and then press connect to camera. Then, it gives me an error saying make sure the camera is turned on and you installed all appropriate software. The camera is plugged in the serial port of the camera and computer, and the camera is turned on. I have NO idea why this isn't working (as usual). Please help me, because then I have a digital camera that I can't even use!


P.S. I have system 7.1 and 4 mb of ram on a powerbook 145b.


Daniel M. Beringer

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Check to make sure you instal

Check to make sure you installed the extensions correctly, and make sure that the cable is good, someone around here had that problem before.

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Could be AppleTalk

If you are still having problems ensure AppleTalk is off and that the port you are using is not the one selected for AppleTalk to use. I've just been playing with a QuickTake 150 which would not mount even with AppleTalk off but connecting to the Modem Port resolved the problem. as the Printer Port was assigned to AppleTalk.