What hard drive to use to update a Color Classic?

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I've recently set claim to a mac color classic (thanks again Matt). I was planning on exchanging the hard drive as 80MB are not quite fitting nowadays (plus 77MB are already used, hehe). I found out that I'd need a 50 pin SCSI drive, but are there any other things that I should take note of before purchasing? Is there i.e. a physical size limitation in the Color Classic in regard of height? Power consumption, and things like that? I'd be really grateful for any suggestions for drives, too. Thanks a lot!


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The CC will only take a hard

The CC will only take a hard drive that's no taller than the one already in it. I believe that that size is called 1/3 height. A drive with a low power consumption is always nice; CC analogue boards are more expensive than the computers themselves.


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CC hard drive


You want a 1-gigger for that CC? Send me your address off-list and I'll send it to you. It was on my now useless SE/30. Works fine.


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Installed a nifty new disk

Thanks for all the information, helped me out quite a lot! I did buy myself a new disk a few days ago and installed it (IBM DGHS-04z 4.5 GB, 1/3 height, 7200rpm, 6ms avg. seek time, 1MB cache). That thing works like a breeze. Fast, very quiet, and above all, does not get hot like some of the other IMB drives I used to have in my WinBox. Made a gigantic difference comparing it to the stock 80MB Quantum drive! I did have some trouble installing it in the beginning though, as I suffer from "fat-finger-syndrome" and the CC is, well, low profile, plus I didn't know much about SCSI and had to find out that one has to enable the termination jumper (found that out the hard way after mounting it on the disk sleigh and setting everything up, booting and no disk found - then again digging out the drive so on and so forth...). Anyways, it's working nicely, therefore, cheers to all! d

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External SCSI

I have recently acquired a Colour Classic....

It has a 40Mb internal drive...I'd quite like to increase the capacity so I can run OS8.1 (i also have the presto plus card)
I have seen a 4gb external SCSI apple drive (nice classic sized beige box too!) can i make the mac boot from this external drive instead? or should I upgrade the internal one?

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Re: External SCSI

rboldon wrote:

can i make the mac boot from this external drive instead? or should I upgrade the internal one?

You can do either...whichever one suits you.

Once you've installed 8.1 on the external, you can change your startup volume from the Startup Disk control panel.

As a personal preference, I'd upgrade the internal drive, as an external somewhat offsets the small desktop footprint of the CC. That said, an external gives you the advantage of using on other Macs as well.


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