RAID - OS 9, X & YDL compatibility?

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Is there a simple way of setting up a RAID that is readable under all of the above operating systems? (ie OS 9, OS X, and Yellow Dog Linux). I'm thinking of moving my CD to SCSI to free up the two ATA buses in my Beige G3, and setting up an OS X striped RAID under Disk Utility. But if I do that, I won't be able to read the drives from OS 9 (booting from SCSI), will I?

I also have the original RAID Tools for the Beige (OS 8.x), but that only works on SCSI disks anyway.

If I go for a native YDL boot with MacOnLinux, and have YDL handle all the disk IO, would that work? I'm trying to avoid putting out the $100 or so for a PCI hardware RAID controller.

Should this be under Hardware Hacks, do you think?


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Only with a real hardware rai

Only with a real hardware raid controller


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I concur...

... with the good Doctor; no way to do this in software. Hardware RAID is your only option.


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