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I have an LC575 68040/33 on my Ethernet LAN and Broadband DSL connection. What is the best internet software for the 68k machines? I mean, what is a really good browser and email client for these machines?

I'm using Sympatico service as my ISP and I can receive email from the server but can not send. Anybody know of internet software for the 68k's that is fairly compatible with current standards?

I also have a Performa 5200 and PowerMac 7200/90 on my LAN with the same problems. The LC575 is running Mac OS 8.1. The Performa 5200 is running System 7.5.5 on one partition and Mac OS 8.1 on another partition. The PowerMac 7200/90 is running Mac OS 8.5.

Just out of curiousity, I have a Mac LC (68020/16) connected via Localtalk to my PowerMac 7200/90 (running Localtalk Bridge). Is there anyway to connect the LC to the internet via Localtalk? The PowerMac 7200/90 is on my Ethernet LAN, which is on a broadband DSL connection.


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wannabe and icab

Since web surfing on that era of machine can only be described as excruciating, I would recommend a combination approach of iCab and Wannabe. Wannabe is a text browser, for informational sites like news, commentary, and weather. If you need more advanced things, iCab works well and is the only browser for os 7-9 that is still under development. But pages nowdays are so complex that it takes forever for one to render on a 68k machine, even with images off, so when I was in this situation I used wannabe as often as possible.

For email, I dunno. I always just used Claris Email Lite. I recall Charles Moore discussing the difficulty of finding 68k email clients which support something called "smtp authentication." Maybe that's your problem. I believe he found a couple that have that feature. His writings can be found at


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On my 520 (25Mhz 68LC040), I used Cyberdog, this is an apple browser, but is no longer supported, google for it. It requites OpenDoc, however, but is quite fast (I on ly ever used it on a 14.4K Modem, and it worked at about the same speed as the same modem on my dad's Beige G3 using IE5, I havn't managed to try it with our ADSL line yet.

BTW, if you have a Mac os 8 CD, it's on there in the software installers folder


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