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Ok heres my problem..

I am running Mac OS X V.(10.1.5) I cant download anything because I don't have the latest and greatest version of X. So I got on my P2P (limewire) and downloaded Mac OS X Panther Disk 1 and 2 of the installer disc.(god forgive me) I used disk copy utility and it burns half of the OSX Panther Disc 1 image onto the cd then quits saying there was an error. I tried to dl toast and when I downloaded it it said I had to have 10.2 or newer?!?!? This is getting more confusing by the minute for me :/

Any advice?

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Good god...

If Apple finds out who you are, you my friend are toast.

Nobody around here is gonna tell you how to properly burn a pirated, downloaded copy of a $200 operating system.

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A: I have *NO* clue why you a

A: I have *NO* clue why you are unable to download things because you dont have a newer OS, but for some reason you CAN download from a P2P. You are making no sense.

B: We are not going to help you pirate. Go buy the OS, period. People like you are the reason software cost so much. So companies can still make a profit off their shortened sales do to morons like you who think its ok to steal software. Do you go around stealing from stores that you visit also?


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That's enough.

That's enough.


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