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Networking has never been one of my problems. But this one has me stumped. Got a crossover cable connecting a 3400c and a Beige G3 ziffed to G4 400Mhz. Both running OS 9.1. Had few problems getting the connection without the error message of "Something is screwed up. Please check your connections and settings." Or something like that. Now, no error messages but nothing shows up in the chooser in either Mac. Bizarre thing is that Apple System Profiler tells me that TCP/IP is turned off. My experience has been that you choose a setting and close the box and if TCP/IP is off, it asks if you want TCP/IP activated. But how can you cause it to be activated if doesn't ask?


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Load only when needed?

In the TCP/IP control panel, click the Options button. (if you don't have an Options button, go to Edit - User Mode and click Advanced, then OK)

There is a checkbox in the Options dialog for Load only when needed. Uncheck it, close out of the TCP/IP control panel, and see what happens.


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That darn TCP/IP

Of course right after I posted, the pesky thing lit up. But thanks a lot. I will check out your suggestion. For some odd reason I still don't have an icon of either machine in the respective Chooser but that's tonight's entertainment.

Thanks again.