Squeezing 40 More K out of it. . .

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I need to run a program that will almost, but not entirely, not work at all. It needs 40 more K of ram-- and I've turned off all the extensions, turned off Multifinder (System 6.0.Cool, and tried using Optima. Is there anything else I can do to make it work?

. . .And then, how do I fix an "Address Error"?


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just asking

what computer is this? If it has a hard drive or you have an external SCSI Zip Drive. You can use them as Virtual Memory. (on my SE/30, I used an External Zip disk (100MB) as virtual Memory. That allowed me to run almost anything. If this machine has a Floppy port on the back of it, You can hook up an external Floppy drive (3.5" of course.) and use that to hold the virtual memory.
As for the address error, what is the code that it gives you? generally there will be a number with the error that it displays. Generally, an address error is something like it is trying to write to ram and it can't write to it, or it is looking for a device and it is simply not there or is not responding. It can come up on things, like when you have something on a serial port and it is either not responding or is returning garbage, and the Macintosh doesn't know what it is sending.
Let me know how this works out for you.


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