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Can someone give me a brief overview of what kind of hardware NextStep and OpenStep (the last releases) run on (besides Next machines ofcourse)? For example, do they run on 68k Macs or what kind of PC processors do they run on. Any info would be appreciated.


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I think they mainly ran on i3

I think they mainly ran on i386-derived processors (basicly anything PC), but OpenStep was ported to many platforms.


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NeXT, Sun, HP PA & i386

Hi yes NeXTSTEP 3.3 ran on NeXT blackhardware, Sun Sparc Station (10's etc), HP PA RISC (Apollo 715 etc) and then i386. OPENSTEP 4.2 ran pretty much the same except I think the PA port was dropped, people report that out of all of them, the PA was one of the nicest to use.

It runs OK on a NeXT box, mhz for mhz, NeXT's I'd say are more responsive than a Mac, my NeXTstation Turbo Color, certainly feels quicker than my 840av, both have 128mb ram, the NeXT is 33mhz 040, vs 40mhz of the 840av.