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I have a rather interesting modding idea rattling around in my skull, and, before picking up my Dermil, I would like to draw a few highly detailed designs, and design the tightest, smallest system I can, while keeping everyhting thermally stable.

Would anyone know where I can find RELIABLE dimensions for the Mac Mini, the motherboard off a Power Mac G5, those of a motherboard suitable for dual Xeon 800 processors, mini itx boards, X-Box motherboards, Playstation 2 innards, a game cube, the innards of a Beige Power Mac G3, and a quicksilver G4

Many thanks.

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mac mini- 6.5 inches square w

mac mini- 6.5 inches square with 1 inch radius corners
mini-itx- 17 cm square
the rest i dont know but the dual xeon board size can vary. so pick an exact board for that one.

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Beige G3: 285mm x 210mm

Beige G3: 285mm x 210mm


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