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I'm going with nothing but laptops because of numerous factors, not the least of which is the lack of space in my East Village, New York City apartment. Anyway, I've been using a 3400c with a wireless card. Great little laptop considering its age -- except for the fact that it's ethernet port is blown. Gonna make it a jukebox when the Lombard and Pismo get on the road. Anyway . . . I had a bunch of stuff on it that couldn't travel via sneakernet so I decided to see if I could set up an ad hoc network with the Lombard. I have free internet access through the internet cafe next door. When I got my first wireless card I was on the 'net in 10 minutes. Took about the same amount of time to figure out how to ad hoc. Funny thing is . . . I had an old install CD that has seen better days and the Lombard and my Beige G3 wouldn't read the CD. But the 3400 could. So I could use the installer via an ad hoc network.

Sometimes you want to throw your gear out the window and sometimes you want to take them to lunch.


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that's great news....

at least you are having better luck with your stuff than mine. Tongue


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