Using plasma TV for iMac G4 15-inch monitor

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I just bought the Sony KDE-42XS955 and would like to plug my iMac G4 800 mhz 15-inch into it (i live in NY and space is a premium). The native resolution on the tv is 1024x 1024, my mac is 1024 x 768. The standard mini-vga to composite adapter doesn't work, does anyone know how I might fix the problem? Thanks.

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two thing i tried when hookin

two thing i tried when hooking up my powerbook to my television were:

1: connect the s-video adaptor to the television while the tv and the 'puter is off
2: turn the tv on then boot the computer

this alsp worked for me: to video mirroring off and ensure that the tv is set for NTSC - in my case here in au (we have pal) i had mine set to ntsc and the tv flickered like crazy!

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VGA to Component?

Are you looking for something like this?

Just Google for "VGA component" and (I think) you might find what you are looking for. They range in price from ~$10 to ~$100 and I'm sure there is a difference.


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Apple mini-vga connector

No need for a vga adapter. Go to your local apple store or compusa and they will have a mini vga adapter that has s-video and composite.Its also available on the apple website store.

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But wont that just give him NTSC resolution (which is what 720x480?)? Doesn't he need a VGA to Component adapter to make use of the high definition (however many pixels that is)?
My previous link may actually not be the correct thingy. I think I saw on ATI's wwebsite a $99 dongle that might actually do the job.