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I banned Alexmac. Here's why:


Dr. Bob
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On a completely unrelated top

On a completely unrelated topic... this business of not auto-linking urls posted has become really annoying. It used to do it before the latest update, could you look into it BDub?


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Yeah, it's been annoying me t

Yeah, it's been annoying me too. I've spent the last couple nights working on a module to allow better control over banning, and I'm hoping to get it done tonight (looks at the caffeine and pizza sitting on his kitchen counter).

I'll put URL's on my list. It may be a good idea to start up a features request thread, so that I can just be working on this stuff as I have time, instead of completely doing the hermit thing for a week at a time when everything pops up.

If I had a social life, I'd complain about how much this impacts it Wink


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