Duo 280c or 270c

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I am looking for a Duo 280c or 270c that works and is in good condition. I don't care about the battery, but I'd like to buy the adapter with it. Thanks


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PowerBook DUO 270c/280c

I have a 270c and 2 280c DUO bowerBooks also I have a 230 B/W also
I also Have one working DUO Dock and One Not working. The 270c and the 2 280c units Power up and work great but the 230 powers up but I get no video out of it. Make me an offer on the 3 working units and I will through in the 230.

Let me know

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How about $20 for the 280c?Reply ASAP!Thanks!

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$25.00 plus S&H and it's yours.