Toasted CC analog board?

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I tried to do the CC vga mode hack, following directions on this page:

And it appears I made a mistake somewhere, because now when i try to power the thing up, all i get is a faint sound from the machine that sounds like it wants to start up very briefly and the keyboard led's flash for a second.

I've made sure all of my connections were solid, and cut completely through the areas that needed isolated. No luck.

And as a last ditch effort I tried to reverse my work in hopes to return the machine back to it's original state, and again - no luck.

My question: Is there any way I can test out the analog board further(any specific components I may have destroyed?) Or should I just assume the board is now toast? And if it is toast - I guess I am in the market for buying a relatively cheap analog board. Tongue

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Re: Toasted CC analog board?

If reversing the mod has failed, then unless you're really knowledgable about electronics, it's a new a/b that's needed. Sad Commiserations.



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Are there any fuses on the an

Are there any fuses on the analog board that I may have blown?

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BTW: Do you still use the ori

BTW: Do you still use the original CC board or do you have a LC575 board in it? Does make a difference as the original board can't output vga...