WIndows XP Install Directory

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Hey everybody!

Does anybody know how to change the instal directory of windows xp? It's default is C:\Windows and i want it to be C:\WinNT. Can you alter the install cd in some way. is there a file with the directory in on the cd??




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Windows Unattended Installation

Search around for information on how to create an unattended Windows installation. In the unattended file, you can specify the destination directory for Windows. Not very straightforward, I'm afraid, unless you edit unattended instruction files each day.

Alternatively, install Windows 2000 which will install into C:\WINNT by default. Upgrade straightaway to XP, and your XP installation will be in C:\WINNT.


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I'm just wondering if it real

I'm just wondering if it really matters, i.e. why do you want winnt to be the default folder instead of windows. I know that it was winnt in nt 4.0 though 2000 days but I don't see any need to make it winnt. As a matter of fact, some poorly written software won't install properly into anything other than the windows folder (they don't query for the &windir& folder or whatever the variable but instead just dump everything into the windows folder). I know that once in a while on a win2k box, i will find a windows folder on the c drive with a few random files/folders in there from some badly constructed software install.


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