Powerbook 520c Won't start up

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I bought this mac (my first mac) on the flea market a few days ago for $14 and it was working perfectly, but now, after not using it for a few days, it won't turn on. I plug it in and press the power button, then nothing.

PS. The battery was dead when I first bought it, though.

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waking the blackbird


Open the I/O door in the back (if it's still there) and press the small power reset button. It's the only little button back there. Hold for 10 seconds or so. Might have to do it more than once. You can also pull the plug, pop the battery and let the laptop drain and then hit the reset button after it's back together.

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Blackbirds don't have reset buttons

They are one of the few PB's that don't. I recommend checking the power connector is
OK, as they seem to break on some 'books. If this is not the case, then take out the batteries, and take out the power connector (also remove the backup battery if you have the screwdrivers) then leave it for a day or so. Then put in the power adaptor and press and hold the power keyuntil you hear the tone, then let go and let it boot up. If not, then it may be a hardware problem…


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