What can I do With an Incomplete G3 Wallstreet?

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Hello.I purchased some parts for a Wallstreet back in December with the hopes of revivng it,but never got around to it.I have no idea what to do with it.
It was a 266MHz,but It came with 233MHz.It has 64MB RAM.There is no expansion drives in it.Neither is there a Keyboard.The 14'' LCD has a dead inverter board.I dont want to trash it,because there is no wear on the case,neiter on the trackpad.The AC board dosnt catch well.
Any ideas/hacks?

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Maybe im just being vain *-)

Maybe im just being vain *-)

Cant you just plug in an external monitor keyboard and mouse and use it as a desktop for a while? Or does the dead inverter board mean no display at all.

If it works like that then you could put it in a case of some sort, would it fit in a mini sized case? and then use it as a server/desktop?


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