Apple IIe Problems

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I have an Apple IIe that I was given by my uncle who worked at a school district that was throwing it away because they said it didn't work (it turned out the disk drive was bad).

I used it for a while but ended up putting it in a box in my basement for a while due to the fact that I had no room on my desk for it, and no time for the hobby either, but now I'm attempting to use it again... I unboxed it last night, and hooked it up. Worked fine, until I decided to play around in BASIC for a little while, I rebooted and hit the Ctrl-Reset to get the ] prompt, and played there for a while, but then I put a game disk in and attempted Ctrl-Command-Reset, and it just beeped and gave me the ] prompt again. I tried flipping the switch on the back off and then on again, and still nothing. The only way I can get it to reset, is if I unplug it and let it sit for a few minutes (like 15-20). I've never seen anything like this, does anyone have any ideas?

Also, the keyboard, some of the keys have stopped working... anyone have any good tips for cleaning/repairing an Apple IIe keyboard if it's possible?

If it matters, it's the newer-style IIe, the "Enhanced/Platinum" I guess it's called according to I don't know much else off the top of my head about it but could find out if I was told how.

Thanks in advance!

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Haven't seen this before?. . . .I have.

I think that your computer has a case of "chip-creep" caused by thermal dynamic expansion and contraction.

To remedy it;
1) Turn off and unplug the computer
2) Lift the lid
3) Discharge any static build-up on your person by touching the metal housing of the power supply (this can kill IC chips if you don't)
4) Make sure that all of the plug-in boards are fully plugged in
5) Identify the IC chips that aren't soldered to the board but rather are in sockets, and press them down. If any of them move, that was probably the cause.
6) Close it up and (hopefully) start it up.

Also when you do the Apple key/Control/Reset key reboot (or the Apple Mind Meld as I like to call it) be sure to hold down the Apple key when you release the other two keys.

Good luck.


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cleaning with feeling


from time to time I buy a "new" Apple II or items that I can use with him - most time on ebay.

I have often seen that it can be useful to clean the "feet" of the ROM etc. chips - but be careful if you take them out.

I clean the "feet" with "Sidol".

If that doesn´t works - you have to take a deeper look (IO test ...).



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similar problem

My //e has a similar ROM problem. When I press the open apple-control-reset combination, it goes to Applesoft Basic (The prompt is ]) I remember it bing able to go into integer basic mode when you pressed the closed apple (the shaded one)-control-reset. Now when I do this it just crashes, displaying random charachters and symbols on the screen and changing every few seconds.

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Check the sockets. Sometimes

Check the sockets. Sometimes they oxidize over the years, leaving certain pins unconnected. I am having a similar problem manifested as a video outage - depending on how I hold/turn the motherboard, video comes and goes...


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Also check/unplug/replug your peripherals such
as drives, monitor, printers etc. They, too, will
become oxidized and cause stray signals or no
signals which will show up as odd readouts.

ANY joint that carries electrical impulses is
prone to oxidation/corosion (electrolysis) no
mater how tight the joint. They all need a bit
of periodic maintenance. Also check your cable
ends for bent pins, corrosion, etc.


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