How to do a Mystic upgrade without VGA mod?

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I'm recently having my CC a Mystic upgrade. I've done with the LC575 logic board, and I don't want to mod the analoge board of the CC. So I have to resedit something. But I don't get the whole idea of how to do it even after reading the "The Macintosh Colo(u)r Classic FAQ" site. Can anyone kindly tell me the procedure step-by step? Thank you.

Shao-Yen Chen
Taipei, Taiwan.

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Easier than it seems


This procedure is really very simple - it's just that the instructions sound complicated. All you are doing is changing the number 21 to the number 10 in one place within the System File.

(1) Download the TMPL file from the CC FAQ page.
(2) Open that TMPL file, and a copy of the Mac's System File, in ResEdit.
(3) DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH THE TMPL FILE. All you have to do is have it open in ResEdit.

Okay, now here's the actual procedure:

(4) In the System File copy, open the GSUD resource. Find the entry with Gestalt ID 99.
(5) Within that entry, change the numer for "Boot Process" from 21 to 10.

Then follow steps 7 to 10 in the CC FAQ (save changes, rename System File copy to "System", put it in the System Folder, reboot).

That's it!

Good luck!


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But first...

May I recommend first starting with extensions off and making a copy of the system file before doing the above procedure? That way if something goes all wahoonie-shaped, you don't have to do a complete system re-install.


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Thank you all, I will give it

Thank you all, I will give it a try.

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Hi! Do I have to put the LC5

Do I have to put the LC575 logic board in the CC first? I do that and get a "bus error".
And then I put the original logic board of CC back into the machine, and do as the instruction you gave me. I found the gusd resource in the file named "System" opened in the ResEdit only with one record , and I can't find the "Gestalt ID" thing.
So I decide to stop before I screwed up the system. Can you give me more instruction? I'm a newbie in Mac.

Thank you.