MAC SE Rainbow

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Just testing with my test hack done with Photoshop.
The SE is too clean to paint though.



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A little off topic, but what'

A little off topic, but what's going on with the ^331^3 in the links? the pictures don't show up!


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Borked Image Link

Remove the 1 at the end of that image link to view correctly.

Hmmmm, every time I try to link to something it adds a "1" to the end.


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Odd link behavior

Yes, it does seem to be exhibiting some odd link behaviour. I don't think this had anything to do with me. Smile

When I get back from tramping in 3 days I'm going to try and implement avatars, MSN, AIM, ICQ & Y! buttons, and perhaps improve this "forum" system a bit. I don't know PHP, so it's an interesting experience working on Drupal Tongue Avatars weren't implemented well! Drupal designers take note!

Ack! the link behaviour has got WORSE in the past few days!

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