Sygnetics Data Sheets

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Anyone know where I can find datasheets on the 2504, 2513 and 2519?

I get the idea what they do, but I am a documentation collector. Wink

This is obvious by the 600MB of documents I uploaded in the past day. Hopefully Tom will be able to keep up! Wink

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Joined: Mar 9 2005
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I'm surprised Tom or Vince di

I'm surprised Tom or Vince didn't have these from their work. I've searched for hours in Google for these data sheets. I've come VERY close to finding them, but not quite...

So finally I posted a request to comp.sys.apple2 and 12 hours a man in europe scanned them from his databook and uploaded them to his website. Smile

Go here:

All the way at the bottom you'll see all 3 data sheets.

I will be using this information to duplicate the chips and make a duplicate of the Apple 1 video circuit.

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thanks for making that happen. I completely agree about hoarding documention.


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