Apple II SCSI Card - some help

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I recently bought a Apple II SCSI Card (Rev. C) for my ROM1 IIgs. But it's not compatible with most SCSI devices that I've tried, and I was wondering if anyone out there can help me out.

Are there any modern SCSI HDDs that this card will work with? If so, let's hear some model numbers. So far the only drive I've found that doesn't cause my IIgs to hang on powerup is a 15-year-old Quantum Prodrive LPS. I worry about the integrity of the media on HDDs that are 15 years old.

I'm using Chinook SCSI Utility 1.5 with my Rev C card. It has some limitations. Is there another set of SCSI software utilities anyone can recommend?


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I'm using a 700 MB Quantum dr

I'm using a 700 MB Quantum drive out of a Performa 6116CD.