Newbie question about non-working 145b

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I'm new to Macs. I got an old Powerbook 145b that won't start up. When I hit the "On" button, the screen turns on, but displays nothing. The PB doesn't have a hard disk or floppy drive,so I don't expect it to boot, but I'd exepct some ROM-generated messages to appear?

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You dont see any icons when you start it either? If you don't even see an icon of a disk with a question mark over it then there's something else wrong with it. Although I could be totally wrong.

You should try and find a floppy drive for it at least, that way you can try and boot it off a disk.

Macs are a lot of fun to mess around with. I wish you luck, newb. : )



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It may sound a bit obvious, but have you adjusted the contrast correctly?


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