AIO Connector Pin out

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So, for anyone who is interested, the other day i decided to make a taco.
I had a spare biege g3 MB and went ahead with modding my dead CC.
Once i once i got the MB crammed in there and pretty much everything
except an LCD screen and controler(i dont have these parts yet) I wanted
to figure out how to extract the video from the personality card.
This was not too big a deal , i even rewired it so that the verticle and
horizontal syncs come out the the AIO video connector. But i also knew
there was a way to use the AIO 40 pin connector to conrtol the volume with
the buttons on the front of the CC. But i couldnt find a pinout for that
connector anywhere online. So, my friend let me at his AIO and so i spent
the afternoon trying to figure out what the pins are for. I was able to
find out quite a bit. and here is what i have

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Very helpful! Once you get it finalized, it should probably go into the CC FAQ.