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I recently purchased an external hard drive to give myself extra storage space (my laptop only has 40GB which is nearly gone). When i recieved the external hard drive i found that it is only firewire compatible, but my laptop only has USB ports. I have found cards that act as adaptors between USB and firewire, but these are only compatible with PC's not laptops. Does anyone know of a way that i can connect my hard drive with my laptop?

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Buy a usb2 to ide adapter and

Buy a usb2 to ide adapter and place it in your enclose. Mine cost $5 from ebay.


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Er, what exact products are y

Er, what exact products are you looking at? If it goes from USB to FW, then it doesn't matter if it's a desktop or a laptop, so long as it's got a USB port. Did you mean to type the it works on a PC and not a Macintosh?


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re: adaptors between USB and firewire

Huh? Never seen one of these jobbies, must be sumpin' new! ;D

Buy a cardbus FW card, cost all of what? USD20 or so? The file transfers will be much faster than through the USB port.

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