How many entries in an appleworks database?

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I want to catalogue a collection of about 3,000 short films. Since the films are part of an outdated media archive, I figured it would be appropriate to use a IIe database. Will the database in appleworks hold this many entries? Or will it cut off after a few hundred? If I have to use a new XP/macos program for a database, any suggestions?

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IIRC, the database size is li

IIRC, the database size is limited only by disk capacity. So save it to an otherwise empty floppy, and you should be able to fit 3k entries (depending on how much data you want to add to each entry).

If you have Office installed on the PC, you can use Access. It's a pretty easy-to-use database, and may already have a template you can use or modify for your needs. Personally, I love FileMaker.


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Well, I supported ClarisWorks for two years...

... and I don't think they changed the database limitations between AppleWorks to ClarisWorks to AppleWorks... IIRC, the only limitation was the database file size could not be larger than 2 GB.

Don't take that as canon, though. I could be wrong. Anyway, I think that it will easily take the 3000 records.


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in that case...

is anyone here interested in selling a fresh appleworks floppy? i dont have the resources to make my own from a downloaded file.