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I am trying to edit a program that I have made in basic on my TI-84plus silver edition calculator. When I upload the program and put it in the program editor on TI connect, I displays an error message: "Could not open the file "C:\MYDOCU~1\MYTIDATA\TEMP\TIDEVI~1\SUPERIOR.8xp" Unkown tag value in program image: 187 180". I don't know why it errors with the program. It runs fine on my calculator and I've uploaded a few others and they don't get error messages. Please any help will be greatly appreciated because I am at a complete loss!

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Never fear! Kuni is here!

Ok, I had the same problem, and I figured out what it is.

The problem is, you used lowercase letters on your calculator. Apparently, the computer doesn't like this. If you want lowercase, you have to type the lowercase ON THE COMPUTER, or forfeit the ability to use the computer to mess with the program. The only way to fix this, short of reprogramming the program, is to go through and make all the letters uppercase.