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I have some memory questions that I'm hoping somebody can help me out with. I have a very unstable 7300 (see post elsewhere) that I suspect may have some bad memory. My question is: How can I test DIMMs to ensure that they are in perfect working order.

I know that I can swap each DIMM in & out and test them that way, but that will not tell me if I have a flakey DIMM. I know that a totally bad DIMM will cause all sorts of problems and will become quite evident. However, how can I test the integrity of the entire DIMM?

Second question:

FPM & EDO: How can I tell which is which? I have a bunch of DIMMs and a PM7200 that can only use FPM DIMMs. I have read that using EDO DIMMs in the 7200 can fry the machine. So how can I be sure that I am installing FPM and not EDO DIMMs in this machine?

Third question:

3.3v & 5v: How can I tell if I have 3.3 volt DIMMs or 5volt DIMMs?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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A number of years back I used

A number of years back I used Guage Pro to test the memory in a 7300. The Guages RAMometer also tests RAM. They both used to be free from newertech.

Most FPM and EDO DIMMs have a chip on them with the numbers 244 or 2244 as part of the number sequence. Unfortunately I don'y recall which one was EDO and which FPM.


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To tell 3.3 from 5.0 volt DIM

To tell 3.3 from 5.0 volt DIMMS, you look at one of the notches in the card edge. Each notch can have 3 positions. Off hand I'm not usre which is what, but the actual socket in the machine has them labeled. Look close witha flashlight and maybe a magnifying glass, or look it up with Google.


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