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Hi All,

Couple of weeks ago I got some advice links of instructions from members of this forum to start my CC upgrade to 640x480. So far I did the HighRes 13" mode mod:
1-) cut trace @ ZP1, add jumper Pin-8 to Pin-10
2-) (No J78&J79) so I cut trace @ pin #20 of DB7
and add 4.7k resistor from the +5V out source to pin #20.

I planned to use the PPC6500's board for this project... but for testing purposes, I used the original CC mobo to test boot the system. System booted ok and (Control Panel/Monitors)shows 640x480 @ 16 bit as highest setting. (sceen distorted a bit & color is terrible), I guess due to the original mobo does not have enough power).

Could someone please help me confirm if I have done step 1 & 2 correctly.


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CC 13" Mod

Yes, you cut Pin 8 off the other pins it connects to (e.g. trace cut between pin 8 and 9), and then wire it to Pin 10 of that same coil assembly (ZP1)

You also seem to have correctly modified the monitor sense signal so the Mac "thinks" its got 13"

But what you wanted to know propably: Its normal you have to completely adjust the screen - remember, its using quite a different frequency now - it also does get hotter, but its a well manufactured SONY Trinitron...

Color might just be awfull because settings are completely opff-track

Be sure not to make it too bright, or you damage it

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Thank you Anunnaki! Glad I g

Thank you Anunnaki!
Glad I got it right Smile
I was able to make the 640x480 screen as large as I needed, but as mentioned in last post... distortions(hourglass)even added a Cap, and the 16 bit colors are terrible. I will probably need to get a Mystic board to complete all the required adjustments before thinking of next steps to install the 6500s.