Apple II Expansion Card Docs

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I have been playing with the PC's AppleWin emulator source code. I added HD support and have been making the built-in emulated cards (Disk II, SSC, MockingBoards) slot independent (and duplicatable, so you can have multiple of each). I have also created a spec to add additional cards via DLLs that the emulator looks for at run time.

What I need now is programming documentation for some of the standard Apple II peripheral cards. I don't really need user documentation. Mostly just docs on their IO ports (and ROM images for any of the cards I choose to emulate that I don't already own).

Does anyone know of a centralized location with a decent collection of these specifications?


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Wow.. great job what are the

Wow.. great job what are the chances of you adding an Applecat Modem to your list of emulated cards.. I am not sure if I stll have the doc on it or not..


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Isn't the AppleCat Modem the

Isn't the AppleCat Modem the Novation AppleCat 1200 baud modem?

If so, I'm not sure how high the odds of getting that one completely emulated will be. As I recall the touch tone chip on the AppleCat was compatible with one of the text to speech phonic chipset cards that was popular on the Apple ][.

If you would be happy with just the basic modem functionality, probably pretty good chance of it. But if you want the BSR X-10 remote control and touch tone chip compatibility, probably not too high.

I seem to recall (Many decades ago) doing a quick hack to the text to speech card's sofware and turning my AppleCat into an answering machine (and call forwarder).

I get a few cards emulated and have convinced myself that the system is working. I will release the source and information about how to create card emulating DLLs.