Using an older Color Powerbook to upgrade a CC?

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i've been thinking about all the CC mods there are, especially the ones involving plasma screens.

they all seem rather involved. my question is why not gut a CC and then gut a Powerbook 540C, for example, and put the insides of the 540 C in the Color Classic?

would this be possible? if not, why not?

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It's too wide

Unfortunately, the 5xx LCD hardware is too wide to fit into the CC case without part of the LCD sticking out the side.

This subject was talked over here some time ago, and IIRC none of the older colour PB screens were narrow enough to fit.

It's a shame...a 540c in a CC would be great. Think of all the space there would be inside the case!


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he could try a 5300, i have o

he could try a 5300, i have one of the screens from it and it looks like it may fit.


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5300 probably won't fit

The 5300 has a 10.4" screen. From what all the LCD-in-CC hackers say, the proper LCD size for the CC's opening is 8.4". And, as others have noted elsewhere, many 8.4" LCDs have too much metal and circuitry around the actual screen to fit in a CC case. So a 5300 screen would not be completely visible in the CC's screen opening, and almost certainly wouldn't even fit in the case.

Some of the Duos, and the PB180c, would have properly sized color LCDs, but in the case of the former I think folks have already tried and the screen surround is too big, while in the case of the latter it's hard to see what the point would be, given that the 180c is no more powerful than a CC (or perhaps a CC with an LC550 mobo in it, i.e a CCII).


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try it and see

see if it will fit for me. you don't have to install it, just open her up and see if it will go.

let me know.

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It seems that most 5300 had 1

It seems that most 5300 had 10.4" screens but some did have 9.5" screens. Maybe those would be useable