VarTech LCD monitors

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Has anyone ever used these? seems like a good all-in-one [controller and screen]...

Also, what is the viewable size for a mac that has a built in 14" screen?


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More info?

Hi Knerd,

I'd never even heard of VarTech until now. Did a very quick google on them, and it appears they make ruggedized units, yes? Are they less expensive than comparable LCD/controller combos, or is there something else that appeals to you about them?

As for the viewable image size (VIS) of a 14" monitor, if it's an LCD then the VIS will be the full 14". If it's a CRT the VIS will vary, but likely will be in the 12.8" to 13.1" range.


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WOAH. I just got a price quote from them.. $1500!! no thanks!

I got 2 toshiba 640x480 8.4" screens for $20. heh...

Do you know of any companies that make screens with built in controllers? like to
put in cars and stuff?


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LCD screens like that are nor

LCD screens like that are normally sold to brand names, who use the lowest bidder for the day in most cases. Therefore, there really aren't any LCD panels with a built in controller, inverter, etc.


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